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Planetarium Galena, IL

This proposed project contains 25,000 s.f. and would be located on a rolling site outside of Galena, Illinois.  The building adheres to the premise that a planetarium should be recognizable form the outside.

The dome will contain a projector and reclining seats for viewing.  The remainder of the building will display a collection of meteorites and rotating life science exhibits.  The curved forms express the motion of planetary bodies and the transparent walls convey the connection of the life sciences to the building site.

Southgate Mixed-Use Complex Lake Havasu City, AZ

This mixed-use project contains five four-story town homes, a fifteen-room boutique hotel, eleven shops and a 4,000 s.f. restaurant on two acres of land.  It has the unique distinction of being bounded on the north by the London Bridge, which was brought from England in 1969.

While the buildings in Lake Havasu are heavily influenced by English architecture (because of the bridge), this project takes it cue from the surrounding mountains and the water.  The staccato roof lines of the town homes are offset by the simple rectangular massing of the hotel and the curved forms of the shops and restaurant above.  The different uses are tied together by a continuous colonnade at the river level.

RBC Tech Center Elk Grove Village, IL

This 100,000 s.f. speculative office building was designed to attract high-tech business with a need for office and warehouse space.  Silver horizontal ribbed siding and patterns of flat metal panels and green glass are use to enhance the high-tech image of the building.  BHMS received this commission after winning a design competition sponsored by the developer.

Sunrise Service Bureau Lake Havasu City, AZ

The client for this project was interested in creating an inviting environment for both employees and visitors.  The open office plan is defined by the curving yellow wall that continues as the enclosure of the courtyard.  The owner’s office is a glass box inserted into the wall allowing her to interact with her employees as well as enjoy the view outside to the river and mountains.

LDB Corporate Offices Fort Mohave, AZ

This 6,000 square feet office building is located in one of the hottest areas of the United States.  The building has a curving blue wall down its center unifying the spaces within.  Every major space in the building has a view of the wall or is bounded by it.  The wall’s blue color was selected to temper the desert heat by providing a “visual coolness” for the occupants.