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Barn Renovation into Private Residence Jo Daviess County, IL

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Private Residence Dubuque County, IA

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Private Residence Galena, IL

This 6,000 square foot house is built on a wooded site in rural Jo Daviess County.  The house’s wings spread out and engage the site so that most of the rooms have three walls of natural light.  The first floor steps down the site allowing the living spaces in the rear to connect directly with the forest floor. The exterior brick transitions to the interior at the entry tower with the goal of unifying the entire building.

Private Residence Galena, IL

This house is organized around a central gallery space that is naturally lit with a clerestory.  The gallery’s focal point is a two-story stone fireplace flanked by two window-walls looking into the forest beyond.  The two-car garage is attached to the house with stepped pergola structure.

Private Residence Galena, IL

The client program called for a 3-bedroom home with limestone and a “tree house”.  The house is organized around a 132 feet long by 13’ feet high limestone wall which begins outside one end of the house, runs directly through the middle of the house and exits the house on the other end. This allows the stone to be experienced by the occupant on the interior as well as the exterior of the house.  The wall acts as a physical and visual anchor for the home while also acting as a horizontal counterpoint to the verticality of the tower.