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Mundelein Center: Newhart Family Theatre Chicago, IL

The theatre project was a part of 200,000 s.f., 14-story renovation of Mundelein Center (also called the skyscraper) — an existing historic building at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.  The 6-phase project included new classrooms, offices, restrooms, corridors, elevators, new multipurpose room and a 230-seat performing arts theater that was built in Phase 5.

The new thrust stage theatre space is located in an substantially redeveloped north portion of the building, backed up by a fully equipped scene building shop, costume shop, performance classroom and a full-featured backstage. Designed in collaboration with theater design and lighting consultants, it defines a new high-profile learning experience for Loyola performing arts students. The theatre is meant to create a more intimate space for performances and can be configured for approximately 230 seats.

In order to develop the space to its fullest potential, significant structural alterations were required. Above the publicly accessible space, we proposed a separate technical level that provides access to sound control booth and to the tension grid, from which students can install and adjust the overhead light equipment.

After this phase of project was accomplished, construction of the multipurpose room was started on top of the existing roof above the main theatre space.

Executive Education Suite Chicago, IL

The new Executive Education suite is located on the 1st floor of the Quinlan School of Business. Loyola University was looking to create a more intimate and upscale learning environment.

The suite replaces an existing mock courtroom and classroom. They had been redeveloped into an efficient lecture room for 48 students, accompanied by a multi-funtion lounge that isolates the learning area from the traffic of the main lobby. Deeper behind the lecture room, we located four fully equipped break-out rooms for individual work or discussion. We also made sure that the newly created lockers would be suitable for students traveling with carry-on luggage.

Loyola School of Law Chicago, IL

The next stage of the multi-phase redevelopment project is now complete. The pictured areas occupy floors 13 and 14, and are connected with Law School floors below with the new, separate stairway.

A smaller mock courtroom was built on floor 13. Named after Philip H. Corboy, the space also serves as a regular lecture room. That same floor also hosts a large Faculty Lounge, that can be completely merged with adjacent two-story lobby via an operable Nana Wall opening.

Please see previous phases of the Loyola School of Law project for a more detailed description of the building.

Mundelein Center: New Multipurpose Room Chicago, IL

Photos #1,2 & 3: Bridal Tea photoshoot by Roots of Life Photography

The rooftop multipurpose room project is a part of 200,000 s.f., 14-story renovation of Mundelein Center (also called the skyscraper) — an existing historic building at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.  The 6-phase project includes new classrooms, offices, restrooms, corridors, elevators, new multipurpose room and a 230-seat performing arts theater to be built in Phase 5.

The new structure will be located on top of the former gymnasium, above the new performing arts theatre, and together with the perimeter terrace it will provide an overview of the whole campus area. The entire gable roof and exterior wall perimeter are constructed of glass and steel and will enclose the air-conditioned interior. New lobby, catering area and restrooms will complete this phase of renovation.

Loyola School of Law Chicago, IL

This project will eventually become a 6 – story complete redevelopment of floors 9-14 of an existing 15-story building. The School of Law is located at 25 East Pearson on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus.  The project includes classrooms, offices and a Practice Courtroom.  The Law School is occupying the project floors during construction making it necessary for the project to be executed in four phases.

In order to promote ease of interaction between occupants BHMS designed a new central stairway connecting all the renovated floors.  This coupled with a open atrium at every other floor, allows for students and professors to easily connect.

During the first three phases, a number of high-profile offices, conference and staff rooms, as well as classrooms/lecture rooms were built, including the signature Practice Courtroom, and the latest Robert J. Corboy Courtroom completed during Phase 3 of construction. The overall project will total approximately 115,000 s.f.

Please see our similar educational projects accomplished by our firm.

Cudahy Science Hall Chicago, IL

The project was a complete renovation of the top floor of the landmark Cudahy Science Hall building, prepared for the Loyola Biology Department offices shortly before their transition from the subsequently demolished Damen Hall. The tight space is for the most part located under a steep roof supported by steel trusses, which in turn imposed certain limitations on the space plan.

Thanks to our extensive use of 3D modeling technology, we were able to take advantage of every available square foot under the roof when we proposed the offices, conference, storage rooms and social coffee/copy room, along with new restrooms and entry hall. BHMS integrated existing dormers and skylights into the design of new offices to provide daylighting wherever possible.

Coffey Hall Redevelopment Chicago, IL

1,500 s.f. Lobby and Elevator addition and total renovation of an existing 50,000 s.f. lakefront building on Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.  The new lobby re-orients the building’s entrance towards the main part of the campus to the north.  The building contains laboratories and offices for the Psychology Department.

Loyola Information Commons: 4th Floor Chicago, IL

Special Request by the University President for BHMS to complete the top floor of a newly completed building on the lakefront.  The project is a 4,000 s.f. glass enclosed penthouse to be used as a lounge/meeting and seminar space.

Loyola School of Law: Courtroom Chicago, IL

The Courtroom located on 10th floor was a part of the initial redevelopment phase of the 14-story Loyola School of Law at 25 East Pearson on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus. Commonly referred to as mock courtroom or practice courtroom, the two-story space is actually a multi-function lecture room that also serves representative purposes. It can seat up to 160 people, depending on configuration.

The Judge’s Bench is the centerpiece of the design. It can be configured for up to five people with different roles, whether it’s a mock trial or a conference. The center countertop is fixed, while the side seats may serve as witness seats. The platform is winged by an ornamental, curved wood wall. The wall is equipped with closets that conceal pieces of movable walls which in turn can be quickly configured as a partition or a large whiteboard. Two large projection screens concealed in the soffit above the Judge Bench are a part of the extended multimedia features of the space. For extra flexibility, student seating in the center of the room is movable, allowing teachers and speakers to move about for better interaction.

Please read more about the Law School redevelopment project.

Mundelein Center Redevelopment Chicago, IL

200,000 s.f. 14–story renovation of existing historic building at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus.  The 6-phase project includes new classrooms, offices, restrooms, corridors, elevators and a 300-seat performing arts theater to be built in Phase 5.