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Loyola School of Law Chicago, IL

The next stage of the multi-phase redevelopment project is now complete. The pictured areas occupy floors 13 and 14, and are connected with Law School floors below with the new, separate stairway.

A smaller mock courtroom was built on floor 13. Named after Philip H. Corboy, the space also serves as a regular lecture room. That same floor also hosts a large Faculty Lounge, that can be completely merged with adjacent two-story lobby via an operable Nana Wall opening.

Please see previous phases of the Loyola School of Law project for a more detailed description of the building.

Loyola School of Law: Courtroom Chicago, IL

The Courtroom located on 10th floor was a part of the initial redevelopment phase of the 14-story Loyola School of Law at 25 East Pearson on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus. Commonly referred to as mock courtroom or practice courtroom, the two-story space is actually a multi-function lecture room that also serves representative purposes. It can seat up to 160 people, depending on configuration.

The Judge’s Bench is the centerpiece of the design. It can be configured for up to five people with different roles, whether it’s a mock trial or a conference. The center countertop is fixed, while the side seats may serve as witness seats. The platform is winged by an ornamental, curved wood wall. The wall is equipped with closets that conceal pieces of movable walls which in turn can be quickly configured as a partition or a large whiteboard. Two large projection screens concealed in the soffit above the Judge Bench are a part of the extended multimedia features of the space. For extra flexibility, student seating in the center of the room is movable, allowing teachers and speakers to move about for better interaction.

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